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Our Vendors


Supporting local means that we buy our coffee, pastries, sandwiches, pizza and other yummy stuff from companies here in the #ATX! That keeps your money as close to Austin as possible, supporting small and family owned neighborhood companies.


Through the sale of Mak Impact Coffee (formerly branded as Dominican Joe’s), Bennu supports Makarios, an Austin-based nonprofit committed to providing quality education and outreach programs to both Haitian and Dominican families in the Dominican Republic. Through relationships with local leaders, Makarios facilitates family empowerment training and mentorship to alleviate poverty and strengthen communities. MAK impact coffee is sold and served at both Bennu Coffee locations.



Supporting local charities by giving back to a community that has given so much to us, is part of our mission at Bennu.

We started something we are calling, BEVO (Bennu Employee Volunteer Opportnity), where the entire company is encouraged to volunteer together once a month. Partnering with United Way for Greater Austin, we have volunteered at Inside Books Project, Pop-Up Birthday, and at the Webb Middle School library. We’ve always called ourselves a “community minded coffee shop” and we wanted to go a step further to exemplify the qualities that we believe define that.

Webb Middle School Library Day
bennu staff standing in front of a row of bookcases at Webb Middle School
Bennu staff volunteering at Webb Middle School in Austin
bennu staff reading books at Webb Middle School
We’re always looking for a good book to read
United Way Volunteer Day

Bennu Coffee suports volunteerism and community involvement by planning volunteer opportunities for their staff on a regular basis. These projects are facilitated by staff from Hands On Central Texas, the volunteer center of the United Way for Greater Ausin. Please contact with any quesitons.

bennu staff staining wood blocks
Putting our painting skills to good use
bennu staff sitting around a table, discussing post-its on a whiteboard
Getting organized
pointing at post-its on a whiteboard
Wellness is the word for the day
Pop-up Birthday Party

For our monthly Bennu Employee Volunteer Opportunity in September, some of our staff here at Bennu joined Pop-Up Birthday to help put together birthday boxes for children in foster care. We had a blast and loved the impact we knew these boxes would have. Here is a little more info about this great non-profit.

To provide birthday celebrations to children in foster care and create a moment of connection between the child and their caregiver. We believe that something as simple as a birthday party has the power to provide normalcy, joy and hope in a foster child’s life.

What We Do:
We currently fulfill birthday requests from Child Protective Services caseworkers and CASA for foster children in and around the Austin, Texas area. Once we receive a request, we get to work preparing a custom party in a box for the foster child. The Pop-Up Birthday box is a plastic tote filled to the brim with complete party supplies, including theme decorations, paper goods, games/craft, cake, candles, balloons, goody bags, a personalized card and gifts for the foster child.

Check ‘em out or donate to make a difference!

bennu staff at Pop up birthday holding a pink frozen wrapped gift
It takes a sensitive dude to handle Frozen wrapping paper
bennu staff standing in front of a silver baloon spelling popup
It felt really great to help out today
Steve and Stephanie standinging with their children
Even the young bennu family members got involved
Landscaping Duty

We got to return to Webb Middle School to help spruce up their gardens and learn more about them. Mr. and Mrs. Barnett were so passionate and took the time to tell us about their new butterfly garden and how the gardens are utilized by the kids for science classes. These gardens have come to life thanks 100% to volunteer efforts and we were honored to get our hands dirty to be a part of it!

bennu staff pruning flowers
Oh yeah, butterflies love us
bennu staff standing in front of landscaping, holding shovels and other gardening tools
Doing our part for science
stuffing landscaping scraps into a paper bag for composting
smiling bennu barista doing some weeding
Weeding makes for a long day
bennu baristas raking leaves from a gravel path
Reclaiming a path through the butterfly garden